Petz is the eldest of the Ayakashi Sisters who works for Rubeus. She was made the second eldest in the English dub and was renamed Prizma. She is equivalent to Sailor Jupiter.

In Sailor MoonEdit

Petz's first mission against the Sailor Senshi was to send Droid Furaiki to create a thunderstorm to drive Usagi and Chibiusa out of hiding. After Furaiki was destroyed, Rubeus began sending Petz and Calaveras on missions together to take over crystal point, but each of their plans, aided by Droids Jamanen, Avogadora, and Akumuda, were foiled. After Koan and Berthier turned good, Rubeus sent Petz and Calaveras to turn them evil again, and gave Petz the Black Moon Stick. This strobe made her ten times more evil than before and she turned on Calaveras. The Sailor Senshi all defeated her and knocked the strobe out of her hand. When Rubeus activated its power to form a portal to suck everyone into another dimension, Petz volunteered to jump into it to destroy it, but was stopped by Calaveras, and the Sailor Senshi destroyed the strobe. Afterwards, Sailor Moon healed Petz and Calaveras with Moon Crystal Power.

&nbsp From here, Petz ran a cosmetic shop with her sisters. It is later revealed that she is in love with Saphir. Petz and her sisters found Saphir when he was injured by Wiseman. Her fears that Saphir would be killed if he attempted to warn his brother of Wiseman's treachery were well-founded, as Wiseman killed Saphir.

Story of Joining The TeamEdit

When Bertie followed Sora and Kairi on the ultimate Gummi Ship, Prizma and her other sisters followed to bring Bertie back and when their sister wanted to join them, Prizma decided to let her as long as they join also.