Reimu is one of the main characters of the Touhou Project series, having appeared in almost every game in the series. As the sole maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, she is commonly called upon (or calls it upon herself) to investigate strange occurrences throughout Gensokyo.

In earlier games, Reimu's spiritual abilities were highly limited. (In Highly Responsive to Prayers, she was unable to directly harm enemies at all.) As time passed, however, she developed her abilities, becoming able to manipulate the Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb, special amulets, and her own spiritual power to fight more effectively. Sometime between Mystic Square and Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, she realized the ability to fly under her own jurisdiction. (Before then, she relied on Genjii, her turtle familiar, to fly.) Reimu is commonly described as easygoing, curious, dutiful, and optimistic — sometimes overly so. Her personality seems sympathetic toward many individuals; there are few characters who remain her rivals past the first encounter). Her shrine has become a moderately popular locale for some of Gensokyo's residents.

On Sora's TeamEdit

She joins Sora's team after an encounter with Frankie Stein and when they teamed up against Slender Man, and the Nobodies.