Rex Salazar

"If people want to hate me, I can't stop them. But it's not going to stop me from doing my job. You wanna know why? Because I'm awesome."

Rex Salazar is a sixteen-year-old, amnesiac EVO with the ability to grow weapons and machines out of his body at will. He was employed as a secret weapon to Providence, a global organization dedicated to protecting the world from rampaging EVOs. After the new changes in Providence, he joined the Providence Defect Group. He later returned to Providence after White Knight became leader of Providence again.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Rex was the second son born to Rafael and Violeta Salazar in Geneva, Switzerland, where he lived with them and his older brother Caesar.[3] Rafael, Violeta, and Caesar were brilliant scientists who had traveled all over the world before Rex's birth. As a young child, Rex spent every summer in a small South American town, where he played with his best friend,Federico.

Prior to the Nanite Event, and during the Nanite Project which his parents and brother worked on, Rex was critically injured in an industrial accident caused by a dispute between the many scientists about how the nanites were to be used. The scientists—among them Violeta, Rafael, Caesar, and Gabriel Rylander—injected Rex with the original batch of fully programed nanites, hoping to save Rex's life and to make the other scientists see that their ways were for the greater good. It was a major success as Rex was able to be saved. However, Rex's new abilities, courtesy of the nanites, only reinforced their beliefs. While Rex, Gabriel, and Caesar were able to survive the Nanite Event by blind luck, Rafael and Violeta were killed as a result of the massive nanite explosion.

Later, after losing his memories, assumed to have been caused by the explosion, Rex traveled toHong Kong and befriended three incurable EVOs named Tuck, Skwydd, and Cricket. Unbeknown to them, Rex was also top lieutenant to an EVO crime lord named Quarry. During their time together, Rex and his gang had an encounter with the shape shifter John Scarecrow and all got voice activated nano-ink tattoos to prevent a repeat of the events. He later secretly traded his friends to Quarry in exchange for his own freedom.

A few years later, Rex transformed into a giant bio-mechanical form and went on a rampage in Mexico. Providence sent a group of soldiers—including Agent Six and White Knight—to contain the menace. After sustaining heavy damage, Rex crashed into a building and reverted to his human form, forgetting everything that happened before he turned full EVO Six discovered the young boy beneath the wreckage and helped him to safety, not knowing that he was the EVO that had just attacked him. Although Six was initially reluctant to look after Rex, he felt sympathy for him when he discovered that Rex was suffering from amnesia.

After Rex saved Six from a dangerous EVO by curing it, Six took Rex to Providence to show his incredible curing capabilities to Dr. Holiday, who had been trying to find a way to revert EVOs' mutations instead of killing them. While hopeful by the discovery, Six did not trust the current head of Research and Development, Doctor Fell, and his then partner, White Knight, and asked that the discovery be kept under wraps. Six's suspicions were confirmed when White kidnapped, interrogated, and later caged Dr. Holiday to discover the reason why Six had brought Rex to Providence.

White, with Dr. Fell, kidnapped Rex while he was sleeping and attempted to dissect him molecule by molecule to reverse-engineer his unique curing capabilities. They failed, however, when Rex's nanites subconsciously reacted to the danger. In the resulting struggle, White was trapped in the chamber during an overload, and Fell was later fired and replaced by Dr. Holiday. With White Knight's body bleached and his nanites destroyed, he was declared head of Providence. Rex was inducted into Providence for his curing powers.

As Rex lived in Providence, he came to see it as his home and developed close bonds with the people there, particularly Agent Six, Dr. Holiday andBobo, openly acknowledging them as his family. After finding his older brother Caesar, Rex was glad to be reunited with a family member. However, he admitted that the people in Providence were the ones he really had a family-like connection with.

Season One Edit

When Rex first appeared he had already been working for Providence for several months. He made his first public appearance to fight the Multi-faced EVO that was on a rampage in a city. He was transported to the city via The Keep and when they were over the EVO Rex opened the doors of the Keep and leaped out to fight it.

Though Rex defeated and cured the EVO, in the process he destroyed six city blocks and made his existence public. Once back at Providence, Rex went under routine stress tests by Doctor Holiday in thePetting Zoo. Fed up with his treatment by Providence, Rex along with his sidekick Bobo Haha broke out of the base to go on a road-trip.

The duo encountered a group of skaters and a boy named Noah Nixon, and though the skaters wanted to use Rex's powers for their own gain, Noah genuinely befriended Rex and Bobo and hung out with them for a few hours. The renegade EVOs were eventually found by Agent Six, Rex's handler, but before he could get them back to Providence the group was ambushed by a trio of EVOs known as The Pack, consisting of the cybernetic werewolf, Biowulf; the crystal shooting lizard abomination,Skalamander; and the portal throwing schoolgirl, Breach.

The EVOs took Rex, Noah, and Bobo with them through one of Breach's portals to Abysus. Once in Abysus the group met Van Kleiss, leader of Abysus. While he at first portrayed himself as a kind and benevolent leader, Van Kleiss soon revealed his true nature: a tyrant who must vampirically suck the nanites from EVOs in order to survive. Thanks to a rescue team led by Agent Six, Rex was able to escape from Van Kleiss and seemingly killed Van Kleiss.

Back at Providence Rex discovered that he had been given more freedom, including a bigger room for himself and Bobo. Six offered him the chance to leave Providence but Rex ultimately decided that he was starting to like it at Providence and decided to stay.

String Theory Edit

Rex and Agent Six were sent on a mission to stop the rampage of a humanoid Cactus EVO in a small Mexican village. While Six was more than willing to kill the EVO, Rex was informed that it was in fact the town's beloved priest, Father Jose. Instead of outright attacking the priest, Rex dug underneath the EVO and cured him. Afterwards Rex went to see Noah to play a little basketball.

Rex asked Noah for his opinion on the fight against EVOs. They agreed that it was ultimately a good thing that Rex was out there fighting, but at the same time many of the EVOs Rex fought were and still are very human. Six arrived to take Rex on a mission to New York to deal with the EVOPeter Meechum, who had the ability to place people into a Zombie-like state of control.

Rex, Bobo, and Six arrived in the middle of New York and were immediately attacked by Meechum and his zombies. The group was forced to retreat when Rex's first attempt to cure Meechum resulted in his Smack Hand becoming infected and was forced to sever it. The group attempted to trap Meechum in the subway but the attempt ultimately resulted in Bobo being added to the ranks of the zombies.

With attempts to both cure and contain Peter failing miserably, Providence made its last stand on the Brooklyn Bridge, with a bleach bomb counting down to an explosion that would wipe out Peter and all 11 million of his victims. Remembering Peter talking about a her, Rex called Noah and instructed him to break into Peter's apartment and the duo discovered that Van Kleiss had kidnapped Peter's daughter, Sarah.

Rex was able to convince Peter to let him cure him in exchange for rescuing his daughter. With this Rex successfully cured Peter and deactivated the bomb before saving Sarah.

Beyond the Sea Edit

During a briefing about a string of EVO attacks on the Mexican coastline, Rex heard about the resort town Cabo Luna which was highly recommended by Bobo. Rex thus decided to go on a spring break road trip to Cabo Luna with Bobo and Noah. After arriving in Cabo Luna, Rex developed a rivalry with a local jock, trouncing him in a game of volleyball and in the process meeting a girl named Circe.

Circe and Rex later met again, once again defeating the jock in an ATV race, but while Rex was gloating Circe ran off. Rex later met Circe at the beach where they were attacked by a Sea Monster EVO. In the process they revealed their own EVO powers to one another and fought off the EVO. Circe explained via the untimely arrival of Breach and Biowulf that she was trying to join The Pack and defeating the EVO was her initiation.

Agent Six eventually arrived to retrieve Rex and take him back to Providence, and ultimately ended up getting into a fight with Biowulf while Bobo and Noah dealt with Breach. After Rex and Circe fought and defeated the EVO, Rex invited Circe to come back with him and join Providence but she still felt like the Pack was the only place she could belong and went with them. Rex cut the vacation short and went back to work to drown his sorrows.

Lockdown Edit

Rex and Agent Six went on a mission to stop an EVO named Foul Mouth that was on a rampage at a supermarket. The EVO ended up annoying Rex to the point that he lost his temper at it and lost the use of his powers as a result. After a checkup by Doctor Holiday, it was determined that the reason why Rex lost control of his powers was that he lost his temper.

Doctor Holiday wanted to look into the matter more and attached a monitor to Rex to collect baseline data which meant no stressful activity. Rex later saw Agent Six exiting White Knight's office with Noah. Six claimed that he brought Noah to visit figuring that Rex would want company and though Rex was at first suspicious he ultimately decided not to question it.

Rex spent the day showing Noah around Providence including his room and a basketball court. While showing Noah around the Petting Zoo, Rex brought him to The Hole, a smaller facility inside the Petting Zoo where more dangerous EVOs are held. While exploring the Hole, Rex and Noah accidentally released a dangerous and powerful Spider EVO

The duo attempted to escape the Petting Zoo, but upon hearing that the EVO was loose inside, Doctor Holiday threw the Petting Zoo in lockdown. In order to escape the doors had to be opened from both sides. Rex at first attempted to defeat the EVO on his own but Noah, in a panic, revealed that he works for White Knight, causing Rex to lose his temper and his powers.

The two armed themselves at an armory, Rex with a tranquilizer gun and Noah with a taser. Rex stated that he would get Noah out alive but after that he never wanted to talk to him again. Rex and Noah eventually reached the exit despite harassment from the EVOs in the zoo, but the spider grabbed Noah at the last moment. A rescue party was sent after the captive personnel and Doctor Holiday arrived in person.

Holiday theorized that the reason why Rex lost control again was that he hadn't forgiven Noah. Furthermore, she also revealed that while Noah may work for White Knight, he was genuinely Rex's friend. With this Rex went back into the zoo, hunted down the captive agents, and beat the EVO unconscious. Holiday stopped Rex from killing the EVO by revealing she was her incurable sister.

Rex decided to leave Providence for a little while, taking a moment to say goodbye to Noah and reestablishing their friendship.

The Architect Edit

While on his latest "road trip" from Providence, Rex ran into an engineer and his group under attack from a group of Gnasht. Rex easily defeated the EVOs and asked the engineers what they were doing, to which they revealed an optically cloaked village. Jacob stated that they were a group of scientists and engineers led by a man who calls himself the Architect.

The group's goal was to build a transmitter that would allow them to communicate with, and theoretically, control the world's nanite population. The village's idyllic atmosphere and the sense of belonging Rex felt with Jacob's family made him want to stay and offer to help with the antenna. However, construction was slowed significantly by constant technological failures. To this end Rex was able to use his powers to accelerate construction by years.

Rex tried to ask the Architect about the specifics behind the nanite communication project but he dismissed him. Despite protests from the others Rex chased after the Architect into the transmitter where he discovered that he was actually an android controlled by the AI Zag RS. Zag RS explained that its goal was to use the antenna to broadcast a self-destruct code to every nanite on the planet, which would wipe out every living thing on the planet.

Rex tried to warn the others and while they at first didn't believe him, the Architect androids soon revealed the truth. A war erupted between the engineers and the androids while Rex and Jacob went inside the tower to defeat Zag RS and shut down the tower. Zag RS revealed that she could control nanites which severely hampered Rex as he attempted to climb the tower to shut it down, only narrowly doing it in time.

Agent Six eventually tracked Rex down and offered him the chance to stay at the village. However, Rex refused, stating that it might be nice but it wasn't home. He does however have one condition: he, Six, Holiday, and Bobo must eat supper together every Friday night like a real family.

Frostbite Edit

Rex chased down a Pyreptryx through a city and despite protests from Agent Six, Rex cured it, the end result being Rex suffering from a nanite overload. Rex was rushed to the Arctic Providence base, Paradise, to have his excess nanites offloaded, and despite resistance from Weaver Rex did get the treatment. While unconscious during the procedure, Rex had a dream in which he saw a trio of scientists turn into EVOs.

When Rex awoke he found the base in a mess with neither Six, Holiday, or Bobo in sight and the technicians all either dead or unconscious. Rex exited the base to look for his friends outside but instead found Biowulf and Skalamander arriving at the base. Rex buried the EVOs and their mounts in an avalanche then re-entered the base where Rex found Weaver checking on the nanites.

Weaver blindsided Rex with sleeping gas but Rex's nanites neutralized it. Rex forced Weaver to take him to where he hid the others, at which point Biowulf and Skalamander broke in and a fight ensued. Holiday and Weaver broke up the fight, the latter revealing that he had been reactivating Rex's surplus nanites and selling them to Van Kleiss.

While trying to scare the group off, Weaver accidentally infused himself with the nanites from the tank, turning himself into a massive EVO Rex at first attempted to cure Weaver but he instead instantly triggered a nanite overload, forcing Six to take Weaver down. When Rex awoke he found himself in another nanite extraction chamber in the desert base Purgatory and at Bobo's suggestion they went exploring in the desert.

Leader of the Pack Edit

Rex led a disastrous attack against Van Kleiss when he arrived in New York City via the Blimp, in which it was revealed that Van Kleiss was there on diplomatic immunity. Van Kleiss was holding a party at the Abysus embassy to which Rex was invited. White Knight, however, planned to send in Agent Six with Doctor Holiday as his date in Rex's place due to Rex's obvious lack of diplomatic grace.

Rex instead locked Six in a closet, stole one of his suits, and went to the party as Van Kleiss intended. Once inside Rex was knocked unconscious and imprisoned by Circe. He and Bobo followed her below the embassy where they discovered that she along with some Larva EVOs and Breach were smuggling in nanite-infused dirt from Abysus. The EVOs got away and Van Kleiss used the dirt to hold the U.N. hostage.

Rex got back to the surface and a fight broke out between Van Kleiss and Rex. Not being able to fight Van Kleiss head on, Rex instead punched a hole into the east river leading into the underground tunnels where the dirt was and flushed it out. Rex finally had Van Kleiss at his mercy and he prepared to kill him using the BFS but Van Kleiss was able to save himself by revealing he knew Rex's parents.

With the crisis finally over, Bobo informed Rex he had to plug the hole he made in the river at which point Six finally realized that Rex was wearing one of his suits.

Breach Edit

Rex awoke inside a school with no idea how he got there. The last thing he remembered was getting into a fight with Breach. Rex was able to contact Doctor Holiday via a communicator and learned that Breach had been captured by Providence. Rex determined that he was in Philmore boarding school based on a textbook he found but there was over a dozen schools by that name in the USA alone.

Exploring the school Rex found a little girl under attack from a Larvus and saved her by curing the EVO, prompting Breach to send the woman away. Getting out of the school the duo found a lost poster which identified the town as Greenville, Ohio. Before Doctor Holiday could warn him, Rex drove off the edge of the town and into the endless void of Breach's pocket dimension.

Once back on solid ground with the girl, the duo was attacked by a trio of Sklugg. After they defeated the Sklugg, Breach sent the EVOs after Doctor Holiday who easily dispatched them. It is soon after revealed that Greenville serves as an oversized dollhouse for Breach, and Rex is her new favorite "toy." Enraged at the idea of being replaced by Rex, the girl revealed herself to be a shape-shifting EVO and does battle with Rex.

During the battle Rex discovered that he could destabilize Breach by destroying the things she keeps in Greenville (vehicles, mannequins, buildings, etc.) and promptly began destroying the town during the fight with the EVO. He eventually forced open a portal directly in front of Breach before she imploded. Rex commented that he felt a little sorry for Breach, as she was just lonely but the things she collected couldn't make up for real people.

Dark Passage Edit

Rex, Agent Six, and Bobo went to stop the rampage of a ferocious EVO but before Rex could cure him he turned back to normal albeit severely traumatized. Providence made the connection between a series of similar incidents and traced them back to several packages full of a liquid that activates latent nanites in a subject's body. It is believed that one doctor, Gabriel Rylander, was responsible for these incidents.

Rylander was an expert in evolutionary biology and nanotechnology that went missing along with his son and wife shortly before the Nanite Event. Rex was led to believe that Rylander may be his long lost father by the briefing. The group consisting of Doctor Holiday, Agent Six, Bobo, and Rex trekked into the Amazon for the purpose of hunting down Rylander

While on the Amazon River the group was attacked by EVO piranha but Rex was able to save them using the Boogie Pack. On dry land the group was attacked by Rylander's electronic sentries which the group was able to destroy and continue to the base. However, they arrived at the same time as the Pack, which consisted of Van Kleiss, Biowulf, Skalamander, and their EVO mounts.

While the others battled each other, Rex and Van Kleiss sneaked into the base. Once inside Rex tried to talk to Rylander, and while he did know Rex, claiming he named him, he was his godfather not his real father. Rylander also revealed that Rex's brother had survived. Before any more could be said Rylander injected Rex with an abnormal nanite getting Rex angry and demands to know everything.

Before any more could be said, Van Kleiss arrived and knocked out Rylander. Rex and Van Kleiss got into a fight in which Van Kleiss quickly gained the upper hand. Rex was saved at the last moment by Rylander who sacrificed himself to shove Van Kleiss into a nanite reactor. The base went into self-destruct and Six saved Rex. Though the others were upset that they failed to secure the research, Rex was now more hopeful than ever, as he had finally started to get some answers.

The Forgotten Edit

Rex alongside Bobo and Agent Six was sent on a mission into the Bug Jar by White Knight to retrieve a data-rod containing information that could prove vital to the fight against EVOs. Rex was secretly assigned by Doctor Holiday to collect EVO genetic samples from the residents of the Bug Jar with the promise of a date should he succeed. Rex also planned to rescue the Providence agents lost along with the Data.

Rex skydived into the Bug Jar where he immediately found the data rod unfortunately the Turret EVO shot down the group's ship and the group was immediately attacked by a small army of EVOs led by a EVO the group dubs NoFace. While the group is able to fend off the EVOs Bobo was forced to use the explosive they were planning on using to punch a hole through the Bug Jar's shield and escape.

Deciding that they have to wait until another ship arrives they decide to rescue the missing agents in the meantime. Finding the group Rex gets into a fight with NoFace whom he discovers that in addition to immense strength and fighting skill can also telepathically communicate with other EVOs. They're able to escape and make their last stand atop a motel discovering at the last minute that NoFace has the Data rod.

Rex gets into a fight with NoFace over the Data Rod and only narrowly wins by stunning NoFace with the sample taker then escaping on the ship sent for them. Rex takes the opportunity to play a prank one White Knight by claiming that he doesn't have the Data rod but the "not a priority" agents he rescued does which earns Rex their respect.

Operation: Wingman Edit

Rex is called out to the desert to save a group of Providence Agents from a dangerous EVO arriving on scene Rex instead discovers a seemingly harmless rabbit is what the agents are so scared of. Mocking the agents, and by extension the rabbit, Rex both discovers that the rabbit it actually gigantic, agile, incredibly strong and very angry at Rex for insulting it.

Every day of the week for the next week the Rabbit hunts Rex down, beats the daylights out of him, and runs away before Rex can get the upper hand. On Friday Noah calls him requesting that he be his wingman for Prom Night. Noah managed to ask out Claire Bowman the most popular girl in school and to score points with her he set Rex up, without his permission, with her dateless best friend Annie and despite his suspicions Rex agrees to help.

Back at Providence White Knight questions why Rex hasn't defeated the rabbit yet. Rex claims that the Rabbit always runs away before he can get the upper hand. He also informs White that defeating the rabbit will have to wait until after prom night, despite White forbidding him to go. Rex steals one of Six's suits, again, and with the help of Doctor Holiday does his hair for event.

Rex meets Noah at Claire's house, Rex discovers that Annie is both nice and cute, leading to further suspicions from Rex. The night's activities begins at a view over the sea at a cliffside, during which Annie takes the break off of the limo while retrieving her purse and it rolls off the cliff with Rex inside. Rex is easily able to escape from the limo but he demands a full explanation from Noah.

Noah explains that the reason Annie is dateless is because she has a long track record of putting her dates in the hospital, or worst, because of her extreme klutziness and bad luck. Noah set Rex up because he is the only one who could possibly survive the whole night with her. Rex decides to continue the date anyway, getting Bobo to bring them a tank to replace the limo.

At the restaurant Annie sets Rex on fire accidentally. At the same time Rex is informed of the Rabbit on a rampage down the block. Rex arrives on scene and after a short fight buries the rabbit under iron girders and returns to the restaurant and discovers that they've been kicked out because of Annie. Instead the group decides to go to a fast food restaurant to eat where Annie fires a missile at Rex while retrieving her stain stick.

The missile attracts the attention of the Rabbit which chases the group in the tank. Surprisingly Annie, via randomly pushing buttons, is able to fight off the Rabbit and uses a Particle cannon to help Rex. Rex instructs Annie to fire a heat seeking missile which she instead ends up firing at Rex whom is able to use it to blow the rabbit to bits.

The group finally arrives at Prom only to learn that it's over, whereas Noah is completely dejected the girls agree that it was one of the best nights of their lives. Noah wonders if Rex will agree to a second date but he flat out refuses stating he will never date Anne again.

Rabble Edit

Rex and Agent Six are sent on a mission to Hong Kong where a gang of EVO criminals has formed. Rex and Six interrupt a bank robbery being performed by a a trio of EVOs and during the fight one of them, named Tuck, reveals that he knows Rex before they get away. Believing the trio might know something about his past Rex tries to convince White Knight to let him infiltrate the group to which White agrees.

Rex tracks down the trio at which point Tuck introduces him to Skwydd and Cricket. Tuck proves that they know Rex by revealing that all four of them have voice activated nano-ink tattoo's, apparently a counter measure Rex developed after a run in with a shapeshifter. Tuck explains that they're being forced to commit the crimes by a EVO crimelord named Quarry.

The group leads Rex to a warehouse full of stolen goods to which Rex informs the authorities. After the warehouse has been cleaned out one ofQuarry's enforcers named Knuckles arrives to investigate whom Rex easily defeats and cures telling him to tell Quarry that he's shutting him down. After disposing of Knuckles Quarry hunts Rex down and turns the others against him by revealing via Rex's very own diary that he was the one who handed the others over to Quarry.

The others turn against Rex and sides with Quarry before running off. Rex at first considers calling in Providence but upon being reminded of the friendship he once had with the others he decides to shut Quarry down for good. Rex invades Quarry's hideout and easily takes down his enforcers before getting into a fight with Tuck, Skwydd and Cricket.

Quarry attempts to simply bribe Rex away with the diary but Rex destroyed it on the spot. Seeing Rex stand up for them the Trio team up with Rex against Quarry and defeat him. Rex calls Providence in and they arrest Quarry and his subordinates, Rex claims that his friends got away but he doubts they will cause any trouble. Rex informs the others that Providence will leave them alone as long as they don't do anything stupid.

Once at Providence Rex informs Doctor Holiday and Agent Six of his memory blackouts which are responsible for his amnesia. Holiday theorizes that extreme trauma may be responsible and Six gives Rex a new diary to help him cope with future blackouts.

The Hunter Edit

Rex and Agent Six were sent on a mission to a small suburban neighborhood to stop the rampage of a Flea EVO They eventually knocked it out but with a large about of property damage to the nearby buildings. Rex was in the middle of curing the EVO when out of the blue Hunter Cain uses his weapon Sweet Caroline to vaporize the EVO.

Hunter makes his hatred of Rex and Providence known going so far as to claim that Rex actually turns people into EVOs and that there is no hope in saving them. Later that night Rex goes to Noah to discuss Hunter Cain with him, during a friendly game of basketball between the two they're harassed by a group of Protestors and Hunter's thug's during which Rex accidentally injures one of the Protestors and destroys one of Hunter's armored buses.

Noah suggests that Rex leaves before he makes his problems worst. As a result of the run in and Bobo egging him on Rex completely loses faith in humanity and for a short time gives up the fight against EVOs. Rex eventually comes to the aid of Providence and Hunter's army when they end up in a fight with a nest of Phantom EVOs at the docks.

During the fight Rex and Hunter break off to have their own fight, during which Hunter reveals that he bought and planted the EVOs just to prove Providence’s ineffectiveness. Rex and Hunter get into a brutal fight which ultimately Rex wins, Hunter orders Rex to finish him off and prove what he's really like but instead Rex simply ties him up for the authorities.

With the assistance of Hunter's not so loyal army Rex finishes off the EVOs. Later that night Rex watches a segment on Ultimate Exposure interviewing people Rex has saved in the past which only reaffirms his newfound belief in humanity.

Gravity Edit

Rex watched the live feed of a experiment Dr. Holiday and a group of scientists (consisting of herself Dr. Bouvier, Dr. Doctor Rhodes and Dr. Pete Volkov) was working from a satellite station on a nanite shutdown program. Rex is happy for the group, mostly because if an alternate cure method is developed then he can have a day off. Though at first successful the test batch of Nanites are destroyed due to an unknown flaw in the program.

At this point ZAG-RS reveals herself, having snuck aboard the station via Bouvier's "ground breaking" nanite isolation program intending to steal the nanite research and use it to destroy all nanites on earth. Rex was able to cut off ZAG-RS's download to another location via destroying the satellite's wireless link with Providence.This brought Doctor Holiday enough time to completely shut down the station and trap ZAG-RS.

Unfortunately Bouvier's panicked escape attempt destabilizes the station and throws it into orbital decay. Rex convinced White Knight to send him on a rescue mission to the satellite using the Space elevator since it's the only way to get to the station fast enough and Rex is the only one who can survive the trip. Rex successfully arrives at the station at the cost of the Elevator. Once on the station Rex meets with the surviving crew.

In order to safely eject from the station the group will have to stabilize it first. Rex with the help of the research drone Salvator stabilizes the station. With the station stabilized Rex and the crew prepare to take the nanites and leave. Unfortunately ZAG-RS reveals that she escaped the shut down by downloading herself into Salvator and gets into a fight with Rex who is put at a disadvantage thanks to ZAG-RS's ability to control Nanites.

Doctor Holiday is able to save Rex by bashing ZAG-RS with the nanite container and takes him into the escape pod and escapes he satelite in time for it to be destroyed. Rex briefly questions the wisdom of sacrificing the nanites for him but Holiday states that they are not worth his life. With that the group awaits rescue in the ocean in the escape pod.

What Lies Beneath Edit

Rex and Bobo attempts to sneak out of Providence to get some tacos. Rex receives a call from Circe informing him that something is wrong with Abysus. Rex at first angrily refuses to help but he relents later. Rex and Bobo attempt to hijack a ship to fly to Abysus but he is informed by Agent Six that the ship has been rendered non-functional for maintenance.

Upon hearing the apparent severity of the situation Six allows Rex to go, on the condition that he and Doctor Holiday come along. Later on after Rex and Bobo get their tacos they meet up with Six and Doctor Holiday. Doctor Holiday did a satellite scan of Abysus and determined that Abysus has completely destabilized. Bobo will be serving as a distraction for White Knight since the mission isn't authorized.

The group arrives in Abysus where they're attacked by a giant one-armed EVO. Surprisingly The Pack, consisting of Biowulf, Skalamander and Circe, arrive and attack the EVO before it's unstable nature kills it. The two groups compare their notes, while the Pack don't know how or why Abysus is collapsing in on itself they do know how to stop it.

They take Rex to a machine which according to Van Kleiss's notes will allow him to restabilize Abysus. In the middle of the process Rex realizes that the machine is designed to revive Van Kleiss and stops. Instead Rex attempts to stabilize the small country himself which only causes it's nanites to further destabilize. With Circe, Doctor Holiday, and Agent Six in danger Rex finally revives Van Kleiss.

Van Kleiss instantly figures out what's wrong and proceeds to stabilize the country. However he will only save Rex's loved ones if Rex swears his loyalty to him. Rex swears his loyalty and Van Kleiss absorbs the unstable Abysus. During the celebratory handshake between the two Rex cures Van Kleiss and makes him human again.

Unfortunately before he can be taken into custody Breach comes in and rescues him. Rex tries to convince Circe to come back with them to Providence but the Pack and Abysus is still where she feels like she belongs. Rex goes back to Providence with Doctor Holiday and Agent Six commenting that he will never understand women.

The Swarm Edit

Rex, Bobo, Agent Six, and Doctor Holiday arrive at a small village that has been ravaged by a new EVO insect species known as Lomitle. During the battle with the insects Rex discovers the hard way that the bugs eat metal when one of them eats his Smack Hand. The initial skirmish with the insects ending in failure White Knight plans to simply bleach bomb their nest.

While Rex is all for the ideal of simply "nuking" the insects Doctor Holiday is able to convince him to sneak into the bug's nest and extract a fresh sample of their liquids. While inside Rex discovers the insects method of reproduction is binary fission, which simply put means the bugs reproduce by splitting in two. Rex accidentally awakens the Lomitle and is chased out of the nest.

After a grueling battle Rex loses the bugs in the nearby lake where he nearly drowns, saved only by Gabriel Rylander's abnormal nanite. When Rex awakens he finds himself naked in the Keep's medical ward. Doctor Holiday explains to the embarrassed Rex that the only sample he was able to bring back was the Lomitle's trail pheromone in his clothes which were quarantined in hopes of isolating it.

Later on after the disastrous use of the bleach bomb hyper accelerated the Lomitle's reproduction cycle Rex alongside the rest of Providence made their last stand on the Great Wall of China, going so far as to start a side bet with Bobo on who can kill more of the seemingly limitless EVO swarm. Ultimately though the wall falls in the struggle and Providence pulls back.

The strike team later rendezvous with Doctor Holiday who gives Rex back his brief's, having isolated and mass produced the pheromone already, much to Rex's embarrassment. Doctor Holiday, with Rex's help, intends to use the pheromone to lure the Lomitle away from their intended destination. During the fly by over the swarm the jet is destroyed and Doctor Holiday and Rex parachute to safety.

Rex fires the trail pheromone at one of the bugs and in the process discovers that anything sprayed by the "goo" is interpreted by the Lomitle as food, and that includes each other. Over hearing the observation Six has all the bugs sprayed with their own pheromone. Rex informs Bobo that as the one who killed all the remaining bugs he won the bet.

As revenge Bobo leaks to Ultimate Exposure that Providence's secret weapon, Rex's underpants, saved the day much to the embarrassed Rex's displeasure who was laughed out of the boardroom.

Basic Edit

Rex and Noah were playing a game of basketball when they were informed of a rampaging class 2 EVO down the street. Casually walking there Rex soon remembers that class 2's are actually incredibly dangerous, though Rex still casually defeats the EVO. After the battle, Wade and Beasley insult Rex by claiming that he couldn't last a day at Providence boot camp.

Accepting the dare Rex takes Noah along betting that he'll last longer then Noah at boot camp. The Sargent DI Hutton is at first friendly he soon proves to be a brutal instructor especially on Rex and Noah. At first things appear to be easy but they soon go from bad to worst with the wide array of dangerous, potentially lethal, training exercises that includes:

A race on narrow mountain trails, learning to safely crash land ships, dissection on EVOs (some of which are still alive), learning to assemble and fire guns (with the occasional harassment of a flash bang grenade), and finally being locked in a cage with live EVOs and having to defeat them. The punishment for dropping out is to walk back to civilization.

Rex and Noah do so horribly, Rex more so then Noah, that they bring their teammates down too. One of them Kenwyn Jones believes that Rex both greatly disrespects them, only being there to prove a point, and has an unfair advantage, because of his powers. Kenwyn sabotages Rex's final exam but when Rex informs the sergeant that he already defeated the EVOs in the field he's instead transferred to another part of the camp.

The sabotaged exam releases all the EVOs. Taking things seriously for the first time since arriving at bootcamp Rex with the aid of the recruits fight off the EVOs during which he earns the recruits respect as they learn that their jobs is to help Rex so that he can do his job. Working together all the EVOs are finally recaptured and Rex and Noah graduate.

Hutton comments that Noah has a real future as an agent of Providence, Rex not so much. Rex even covers for Kenwyn about the whole fiasco. The episode ends with the dropped out Rex and Noah walking back to civilization.

Plague Edit

When Rex appeared he was on the third day into a massive EVO plague that grips the planet. The virus in question forces people to fall and stay asleep, Rex is immune because of being an EVO White Knight (uninfected do to living in a quarantined office) has been sending Rex to dozens of emergencies (ranging from fires to rampaging EVOs) in nearby cities to try to lower the death toll.

Rex is given a tracking device rigged up by Doctor Holiday (having forced herself to stay awake via electric shocks) that will allow him to findPatient Zero the EVO that it's believed was responsible for the plague before she finally has to succumb to sleep. Angry at White for not doing anything Rex goes off to find Patient Zero on his own. Rex soon gets into a fight with a pack of Sklugg and is saved by none other than White Knight in a exo suit.

White and Rex track Patient Zero down to a hospital. Rex's first attempt to cure zero fails so White Knight immediately tries to kill him. Rex however points out that if killing Zero doesn't work then they'll have run out of options and thus he attempts to save the EVO from White Knight. During the fight against White Rex realizes that the suit was made to fight him specifically.

Furthermore White also reveals that he is completely nanite free and doesn't trust anything or anyone with nanites (which is to say every other living thing on the planet). The fight between the two ultimately destroys most of the suit (bar the quarantined hazmat layer) and awakens Patient Zero who summons a living incarnation of the virus around his body to defend himself.

Rex realizes that what he was trying to cure earlier was the virus, not Zero, and to get to him he needs to fly inside the creature with White holding it off from the outside. With some difficulty Rex makes it inside and cures Zero afterwards he gets the injured White Knight back to his office in time to be quarantined again.

Rex also greets the sleeping Bobo Haha when he finally awakes (having fallen and stayed asleep for the past three days do to circumstances unrelated to the plague).

Promises, Promises Edit

Rex was taken to a surprise birthday party (due to Rex's amnesia instead of being scheduled on his actual birthday it's instead been scheduled for his one year anniversary of joining Providence) organized by Doctor Holiday and Agent Six and attended by Noah, Callan, Bobo and numerous Providence agents. While Rex is enjoying himself Doctor Holiday and Six discuss how Rex changed everything in flashback form (see the Rex Salazar page for details).

Later during the party Rex goes to his room to get a camera where he finds a gift from Six, a Tonto inscribed with the Japanese symbol of loyalty. Six has its twin which he states is symbolic of the fact that they're going through this journey together.

Payback Edit

Rex was on the Keep with Noah trying to convince Captain Callan to let them pilot the Keep a short distance. Rex hadn't even touched the controls yet when the Keep was attacked by Van Kleiss on the Blimp EVO Rex immediately attacked Van Kleiss and the Pack but in the process was restrained by Biowulf. Van Kleiss proceeded to drain Rex dry of his nanites which much to Rex's shock removes his powers.

Rex was subsequently thrown out of the Keep by Biowulf and caught mid-plummet by Doctor Holiday in a jet. A MRI ran on Rex reveals that all of the nanites in his body have been drained except for the abnormal nanite Gabriel Rylander injected into Rex which Doctor Holiday theorizes to be a control nanite. Doctor Holiday also theorized that a large enough concentration of nanites could activate it.

With this Rex clads himself in Providence uniform and has Bobo fly him to Purgatory base to fill himself up with nanites despite what a similar process once did to Weaver. The process is successful not only giving him his old powers back but also new builds. Rex uses the first of his new builds, the Blast Caster, to combat Van Kleiss and his new found ability to create EVOs.

After a dragged out battle Rex defeats Van Kleiss whom is forced to escape via Breach and the Blimp. Before Rex can go after them he is forced to use his newly enhanced technopathic powers to deactivate all the bombs at once before flying after Van Kleiss who successfully gets away. Rex is unconcerned however Van Kleiss might be back and better than ever but so is he and the EVO war is only just getting started.

Personality Edit

Rex is overconfident, impulsive, and rebellious. He is quite headstrong, which according to Van Kleiss, Rex has inherited from his mother, Violeta. He has a quick wit and is constantly making jokes. However, when Rex needs to defend himself, he does not hold back. Aggressive and reckless, Rex prefers to smash anything that gets in his way, much to Providence's annoyance. However, he eventually begins to show more discretion and planning. Rex has also shown a selfless side to his personality, as he has cured many EVOs at his own risk.

He has also shown an empathetic side to his personality. For example, he understands that many of the EVOs he fights have loved ones concerned about them, and he tries to cure them whenever he can. Another example would be when Rex was the only one to see things from both Agent Six's and Serge's point of views.

He also has conflicting feelings about his position in Providence. While he is loyal to the organization, sometimes the pressure of being the only person that can cure EVOs is too much for him to handle. Consequently, he sometimes breaks out of the base to go on "road trips", as he calls them, to blow off steam. However, he always returns, perhaps out of a sense of duty, purpose, and caring for his team.

Rex has also been shown to be clever. For example, Tuck stated that Rex created the voice activated nano-ink tattoos that Rex, Tuck, Skwydd, and Cricket have, after a problem they had with a shape-shifter EVO.

Coming from a family of scientists, Rex is quite intelligent, as shown when he was able to take high school courses with ease. After taking a trigonometry pop quiz, Rex casually told Noah that it was "just trig" and explained that it was like aiming his cannon.

Rex sometimes uses his sarcastic wit to manipulate his enemies. Rex tricked Van Kleiss and NoFace into fighting each other, since Van Kleiss needed him alive, while NoFace wanted to kill him. He also used Biowulf's fear of being replaced with NoFace to persuade Biowulf to help.

Abilities Edit

Like all living beings on Earth, Rex has nanites bonded to him on a molecular level. Having activated nanites makes him an EVO; however, unlike most EVOs, Rex has the ability to control his nanites at will, allowing him to generate various machinery from his body. He can also use his nanites to communicate with a variety of machines, as well as cure some EVOs of their mutations.

EVO Powers Edit Edit

  • Technopathy: Rex is capable of using his nanites to interface with technology, allowing him to communicate with and control it. For example, he first demonstrated this ability to escape the confines of The Keep. Said in his own words, he can "hear them". This can also backfire; hearing too many voices at once will overwhelm Rex and eventually cause him to lose consciousness. After regaining his powers, his technopathic capabilities grew stronger, as shown when he took control of the entire Providence base to disarm hidden bombs. It is shown that Rex's enhanced technopathic capabilities can also allow him to reprogram machines. It has also been proven that Rex can understand the features of a machine once communicating with it. In particular, when Rex used his technopathic abilities on Branden Moses's machine that was claimed to cure EVOs, Rex said he got an understanding that the machine "only lights up and goes ping". His technopathic abilities also enable him to disable Providence's controlcollars, however, they explode after the process.
  • EVO curing: Perhaps Rex's most important ability, Rex can extract the active nanites of other EVOs to cure them. Initially, Rex could not cure EVOs unless they willingly allowed him to extract their nanites. Later, his curing ability seemed to have improved somewhat, as he was able to cure some of Quarry's EVO henchmen against their will. However, it is possible they were simply caught off guard, as the first did not know he was capable of curing EVOs, and the second was unconscious. By his own admission, Rex also had trouble curing non-human EVOs as quickly as human EVOs. However, his skills gradually developed over time, as demonstrated when he successfully cured a Cat EVO that was hunting him and his friends. Rex eventually began to cure animal EVOs without any hesitation. However, some EVOs, known as incurables, have nanites that are completely resistant to curing. When Rex tried to cure a dying incurable EVO named One, the strain was too much for Rex to handle. Other risks are also associated with EVO curing. Rex has a limit to how many nanites from cured EVOs he can carry. If he exceeds this limit, he will begin growing metallic tumorous sacks. Also, if he extracts corrupted nanites, such as the highly unstable nanites in Abysus, he runs the risk of destabilizing his own body. After the worldwide curing event, Rex's curing abilities have largely become obsolete.
  • Machine manifestation: Rex can shape his nanites into a variety of machinery. He uses these for offense, defense, and transportation. The weapons he forms out of his body can be destroyed, but he usually can reform them quickly afterward. Also, if Rex is exhausted, it takes more focus to maintain his weapons; otherwise they instantly disassemble. At one point, Van Kleiss drained away all but one of Rex's nanites, temporarily removing Rex's powers as well. After an MRI, Dr. Holiday discovered the Omega-1 Nanite that Dr. Gabriel Rylander had injected into Rex and identified it as a Control Nanite. Using the supply of inactive nanites he had previously off-loaded in the Purgatory base, Rex was able to reactivate the Control Nanite, regaining his original powers, as well as gaining the blueprints for more powerful machines. Previously, Rex lacked the ability to program his body into building more than one machine at a time. As of now, Rex can allow his nanites to build and use two machines simultaneously.
  • Nanite-enhanced abilities: Rex appears to have strength and endurance that is beyond human. On numerous occasions he has survived situations well beyond the capacity of normal humans, like being thrown through a concrete wall. For example, Rex was the only person who could survive using the space elevator. White Knight commented that the G-forces from the trip would kill a normal person. Rex was also smashed through three stone pillars without any serious injury. He was also one of the few who could survive the extreme pressure of the deep water trench beneath Aquania. Rex can also casually tank hits from E.V.O's who destroy buildings and even more on a daily basis, his durability reaches the point to where he took a bolt of natural lightning (via a portion of the Meta Nanite's power from a consortium member) without taking serious injury. He seems to have enhanced strength, but only when using his machines. For example, when Rex attended aProvidence Basic Training camp, Rex needed the Smack Hands to do pull-ups and-push ups and struggled to do sit ups without his mechanical powers. Furthermore, using just his human strength, Rex was unable to pull Circe to safety when Abysus was destabilizing.(Although he was incredibly tired prior to this)[21] Rex's human strength is comfortably at a human's peak and he had highly advanced conditioning to support this, Similar to Agent Six, Rex's Nanites even without his weapons grant him strength, durability, speed and agility above that of the average human, though Rex's is to a higher degree. however, Rex's machines are very heavy, as shown when Rex's Smack Hand caused him to sink in the ocean. This implies that it is the internal mechanisms of the machines that allow him to lift them. However, Rex has also shown extreme physical prowess with his Smack Hands and Punk Busters, such as drop kicking a three-headed monster EVO who was much taller and larger than most of the buildings in New York, or lifting a building with his Smack Hands and batting multiple EVOs away with them.
  • Nanite-enhanced healing: When Rex was mortally wounded in an industrial accident, the nanites he was injected with completely healed him. Later, the Omega-1 Nanite he was injected with restarted his heart.[29] Rex's nanites cured him of poison from a sea urchin.[11] Rex also revealed that his nanites can counteract knock-out gas; however, the same gas was used earlier by Dr. Holiday for the nanite-removal treatment, suggesting that the nanites may have some way to distinguish between the use of such gas as a medical anesthetic or as a weapon, and respond properly. In extreme situations, the nanites inside his body can take control and act to save Rex's life. When Rex tried to cure Weaver, Rex's nanites took control of his body to make him stop and ordered Agent Six to "take the shot". His nanites also subconsciously react to smaller threats. For instance, every time Providence tries to put a tracer on him, his nanites automatically dismantle it.
  • Unlimited nanite creation: The Omega-1 Nanite inside of Rex has a self-replicating program, meaning that Rex can create more and more active nanites if needed. This function was seen to be operational when the Molecular Destabilizer was obliterating his active nanites.
  • Godhood (temporarily): When Rex had complete control over all five Meta-Nanites he became the most powerful being in the universe and could do anything he could think of. However, after he used his god-like powers to spread the world-wide cure to all EVOs, he later ordered the Meta-Nanites to deactivate ensuring no one could ever use their power again.
  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Agility:
  • Enhanced Speed and Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Stamina and Durability:

Other skills Edit

  • Genius-Level Intellect: Although not often portrayed, Rex is extraordinary smart. Rex scored a 98% on what was considered a very difficult trigonometry test, while one student came out saying "my brain hurts". Rex said it was easy, as it was "like aiming [his] Slam Cannon". When the trigonometry teacher threw out a long string of mathematical trajectories (easily taking ten seconds to say at full speed), Rex worked it out in a few seconds, (shown as a physical diagram in his point of view) and used the trajectory mentioned to send his opponent flying.
  • Acrobat: Rex is shown to be very good at acrobatics. During one of Rex's flashbacks, Rex, Tuck, Skwydd, and Cricket are shown doing acrobatics during one of their midnight-rooftop runs.[5] Rex also cured an EVO in mid-flip and landed without any problems. He was also capable of outrunning and avoiding Providence's "Black Pawns" by using his quicker reflexes and tumbles to evade their quick hits. Rex can also dodge Gatelock's laser beam mid air using his incredible reflexes. There have also been several cases where Rex's Omega Nanite increased his reaction time dramatically, such as dodging Hunter Cain's missile while groggy or even dodging Black Knight's Black Pawns' bullets from point blank range. Rex is the second character behind Agent Six to pull this off.
  • Hand-to-hand combatant: Rex knows basic hand-to-hand combat, most likely from training with Providence for so many years. He took on various Black Pawns who were highly skilled in combat. He also managed to beat several well-trained Providence agents (some of whom were using Providence clubs) without using his machines and while having his arms restrained. Rex has also been capable of cracking concrete with his normal human strength out of anger. He can synchronize his fighting skills with the use of his machines, making his blows much more effective as shown when he defeated Breach, Biowulf, and Skalamander in rapid succession with ease.
  • Breach sensing: Rex is able to sense whenever Breach is near, which he describes as a "creeped-out feeling".[30] It is clear this ability works due to his nanites, as he states that his nanites are "onto the whole 'ripping-the-very-fabric-of-space' thing."[30] However, it is unknown whether he gained this ability from being inside Breach's pocket dimension as he is also able to know Breach took Circe there (though he could have just been guessing) or due to the abilities the Omega-1 Nanite grants him.

On Sora's Team Edit

Rex is one of the best and official top members ever. He is very reliable and caring for every single member. He even gets along well with Amadeus and Peridot.