Risky Brothers

The Risky Brothers were a duo of zombie squirrels that served under Perona.

Info Edit

Appearance Edit

The Risky Brothers are two tiny squirrels.

One is a lighter brown than the other, and wears a black mask similar to its shadows original owner, one of the real Risky Brothers. He wears a purple vest with light blue stripes on it. He also has a bandage on his right arm, and left leg. He seems to have red buttons sewed into his chest and stomach.

The other is a darker brown, with a bandage on the top left side of his head. He wears a yellow vest with blue dots, under another bandage around his chest. He also has bandages wrapped around the upper parts of both his arms, the lower part of his tail, and left leg.

Personality Edit

They seemed very confident when fighting Nami, but were beaten very easily. This confidence is most likely come from their shadow's original owners. It is unknown how they acted when alive, but they were most likely typical squirrels.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Then were seen fighting with an axe and saw, although it is unknown how proficient they are in using them.

Story in One Piece Edit

The shadows that were being used to animate them were derived from the Rolling Pirates with the same name. They first appeared as the ones carrying the coffins that contained Usopp, Nami, and Chopper. While transporting the coffins, they accidentally dropped and opened the coffin containing Chopper, waking him, and were subsequently defeated by him. Later, after they recovered from his attack, they scurried off somewhere else to get their allies. They were later seen in the treasure room shocked by Nami's attack. They were interrogated by her for the location of the treasures previously stored there.

The shadows animating them were then later sucked out of them by their master, Gekko Moriah. Without any shadows animating them, they returned to being stitched up squirrel corpses.

Major Battles Edit

Against Sora's Team Edit

Though few of the weakest villains, they are currently henchmen of Pete and obey all his orders.