Rook Shar

Rook Shar is Rook Blonko's sister and the deputy/student/apprentice of Sheriff Wat-Senn.

Story Edit

Shar appeared with the rest of Rook's family on Revonnah in Bros in Space, telling Ben that most of the girls on Revonnah have a crush on Rook.

In While You Were Away, Shar helped stop the Incurseaninvasion of Revonnah.

In Rook Tales, Shar is leaving with Sheriff Wat-Senn for the Plumbers' Academy. She says goodbye to her family and friends, until Kundo appears. Kundo asks Shar to stay on Revonnah, but her father defends her. Her father tries to stop Kundo, but gets injured while she quickly sets off to the academy, but Kundo and Young One manage to stowaway on the ship. During the flight, she finds Young One in the storage compartment just before they land on Earth. Kundo finds them and attempts to bring them back to Revonnah. They escape him and return to Plumbers' HQ. Rook tells Shar to stay at the base for her own safety, but while he isn't looking, she leaves to go after Kundo. After a fight, she is defeated and knocked unconscious by Kundo, who then brings her to a ship. Rook appears with Ben and Young One and defeats Kundo, who lands in the water beside the chemical ship. The chemicals leak into the water and burn Kundo, who they then presume deceased. The ship to the Plumbers' Academy then leaves, leaving Shar behind. Young One loses his bi'nthak shortly after and they then hold a brief bi'nthak ceremony, where Young One chooses to call himself Rook Ben. Rook gives Shar a lift to the Plumber's Academy.

In The Most Dangerous Game Show, Shar is among the many females chosen to compete for Ben's hand in marriage, but is subsequently eliminated.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like most Revonnahganders, Shar possesses enhanced agility enabling her to jump and climb large distances. She is also quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

On Sora's Team Edit

Rook Shar was given a special assignment to travel as a representative of the Plumbers along with other young members of the Plumbers.

During her first mission with Sora in the Great Pirate Era, Shar overheard Granny Nyon about how love is always a hurricane, and starts to have feelings for Sora after learning how Sora went through great lengths to gather the necessary herbs to heal her wounds after her battle with Absalom and Hogback.

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