Rosé Thomas (ロゼ・トーマス, Roze Tōmasu; also spelled Rose) is a young girl living in the Eastern Amestrian town of Reole. A former Letoist adherent, Rosé was a devout follower of the false prophet Cornello until Edward and Alphonse Elric intervened in the priest's deception of the townspeople and opened her eyes to the truth. Due to the differences between the original manga storyline and the plot of the 2003 anime series, Rosé's appearance and story relevance differ greatly between the two adaptations.

Story Edit

Rosé first appears in Chapter 1 of the manga, where she greets the Elric brothers upon their fresh arrival in Reole. After the death of her boyfriend in an accident, Rosé became enamored with Father Cornello's claims that the sun god Leto was capable of answering any prayer - even the resurrection of the dead - if said prayer were made by someone devout enough and became one of the priest's foremost believers. She, at first, scoffs at Edward's staunch disbelief in resurrection and a higher power, but after the Elrics help her confront Cornello and reveal that his "miracles" were the work of alchemy and his "great cause" a selfish pursuit of military power, she collapses spiritually. As Ed and Al leave the town, she demands angrily why they had to come and destroy the only hope she had left of reuniting with her lost love, to which Edward replies that she should stand on her own power and walk forward into a future she decides for herself.

Taking Ed's words to heart, she helps to rebuild the town, eventually reuniting with Al. She makes a comment on how she is depressed that Ed is not with them, admitting that she has really missed him and that she wishes to see him again. This causes Winry to become slightly jealous, something Al catches and taunts her with.

She later comments to Winry how she is thankful toward Ed for opening her eyes to the false belief and got the town moving on their accord.

On The Promised Day, Rosé was seen falling victim to Father's Nationwide Transmutation Circle along with the other Reole residents; but thanks to Hohenheim's fail safe, she was resurrected.

On Sora's Team Edit

After Sora tried to find and rescue her during the team's mission; ever since they met in Lior, Sora and Rose became fast friends, and the loss of her boyfriend, plus the near-extinction of her race, the Ishbalins, made Sora want to protect Rose even more.