Shamanmon may be a wierd looking fellow, but like all Shamanmon, he can see into the future and already knew that he is Sora's 13th Digimon.



As a prediction Digimon, he loves seeing into the future for good things about his friends, and team members. WHenever failing to see what's coming, he always gets mad and rampages for being interrupted. Shamanmon even has a soft side for little kids, but mostly for Sofia, Oona, and Lucinda.


Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

Shamanmon was once predicting the future of when he will have a tamer, but after being interrupted by a Heartless attack by Master Xehanort, Shamanmon tried to run them out of his home village in the Digital World. While Shamanmon was captured by Soldier Heartless, he soon saw Sora rescuing him with his partners Skullsatamon, and Kokuwamon fighting the Heartless off. After the fight, Shamanmon jumped to conlusion about Sora being his destined partner before Sora and his friends continued their Digital adventure, but when Sora was not sure, he used his Digivice to see for himself but it didn't glow. In depression, Shamanmon returned to his dorm, and tried to predict of who would be his human partner. But before Shamanmon could predict, a boss Nobody appeared to destroy Sora. Right when Shamanmon fought back and was almost deleted, Shamanmon was reacted by Sora's Digivice and made Shamanmon digivolve to Apemon. After Apemon won and de-digivolved back to Shamanmon, Sora accepted Shamanmon as his 13th partner.

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