SnowAgumon is a very cold Digimon, with a warm heart. SnowAgumon even tends to love snow games, and is Sora's 9th Digimon Partner.



SnowAgumon is an average Digimon with a big and friendly Spirit. He tends to get carried away after eating lots of popsicles, and becomes shy when having lots of people staring at him. He's overprotective of his partner when he gets sick, or badly injured.


  • Little Blizzard: A blizzard blown from the mouth.
  • Freeze Beam: Bites enemies with freezing fangs.
  • Hail Storm: Summons hail to batter enemies.
  • Frozen Wind: Blows a frozen wind.


Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

SnowAgumon was somehow controlled by Icy and made him biomerged in Gardenia when he was Frigimon. After being beaten and snapped out by Sora's Triple Plasma attack, Frigimon De-Digivolved to SnowAgumon and was healed by Sora. After SnowAgumon woke up, and the battle between the Trix and the team ended, SnowAgumon thanked the team for freeing him from the Trix's spell, and became Sora's partner as his digivice glowed brighter, accepting SnowAgumon as one of Sora's Digimon.

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