~The Specialists~
The Specialists are students from Red Fountain who specialize in skills such as sword fighting and dragon riding. Their uniforms are easily recognizable by their blue capes.

Known SpecialistsEdit

Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

As the Specialists were training after the Heartless, Nobodies, Subspacers, and Castlevenoms showed in their homes, they met Finn the Human and Jake the Dogwhen the two took down some bosses. Soon after they introduced each other, they teamed up and helped find the Keyhole so Sora could connect the worlds together for an ultimate alliance. Timmy suggested that they could join the team to defeat the enemies save their worlds from Maleficent and Master Xehanort. Soon when they found the Keyhole in the Omega Dimension, Big Yellow and Jeff the Killer teamed up against the Specialists and Finn, and Jake but the showdown took about 35 sec. After the showdown, the Specialist finally joined  the team after The Winx joined.

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