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Lion is a magical lion whom Steven tries to befriend in the episode "Steven's Lion".



The lion has dark pink fur and lighter pink mane and occasionally has glowing white eyes.


At first, the lion is indifferent to Steven, who didn't know that the lion's job is tied to the Desert Glass. He lets Steven play with him and talk to him. Later, he helps Steven retrieve the Glass and stop the sandstorm from taking over their house.


The lion has a supersonic roar that can destroy walls.

Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

Steven and Connie were hanging out while Fanboy, and Chum Chum were playing tag in the gummi ship, but accidentally pressed the aboard button on the deck and teleported Steven and Connie from their world. While Steven and Connie were being told by Riku, and Goofy about the worlds and how the two ended up in their ship, Steven quickly announced to Sora that he and Connie would like to be honorary members and help. When they all had to think about it, Steven and Connie brought Kairi to their world to find the Keyhole so that they'd prove to be great members. When they went inside Steven's house, Steven told Kairi that he might make the Keyhole appear of he'd use his gem to call it out. After they all agreed, they were confronted by the Crystal Gems on the way out of the house after Steven packed his things. Soon after Kairi explained the situation, the gems decided to join also for Steven's safety, which lead to the Keyhole appearing by their hearts all together. After the pathway opened, it was a new start for a new adventure for Steven. Steven's Lion joined as well.

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