Syakomon is a Clam-like Digimon with eye-holes on the top part of his shell forseeing what's attacking him. He is also Sora's 14th Digimon partner.



Syakomon is often shy when meeting new people, especially when they are skilled Digimon tamers. But in his other forms, he become more fierce and brave when fighting enemies.


  • Black Pearl Shot (Black Pearl): Spits out a cloud of black pearls.
  • Water Pressure (Water Screw): Drills an enemy with a twisting blast of water.


Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

During the celebration of Queen AncientMermaimon's returning visit in the Digital World, Syakomon hid from Sora, Riku, and Kairi as he thought he wasn't good enough to be near them. When Syakomon fell asleep after they spent the night, Syakomon woke and tried to warn Sora and co. about an upcoming attack he saw from the horizon. But once everyone engaged for combat, Syakomon was accidently brought in the fight by being hit by AncientMermaimon's weapon like a golf ball. When Syakomon was face to face against Pete, he wished for becoming a partner to someone, and started to Digivolve by Sora's Digivice. As Gesomon, he ran Pete of by scaring him using his attacks with Sora's. When the enemies ran off, Syakomon was called forth by AncientMermaimon and was told that he was destined to join Sora on his quest, and officially joined.

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