The Sensational Six
 is the collective name given to the main characters of the Mickey Mouse cartoon series and franchise. They are some of the most popular and beloved Disney characters in history, being from the classic era of Disney animation. These characters include:

  • Mickey Mouse: The iconic leader of the Six, known for his kindness, resourcefulness and tendency to get into mischief.
  • Minnie Mouse: The sweet, caring and lovely leading lady of the gang and Mickey's true love.
  • Donald Duck: Bad tempered and unlucky, he's the exceedingly stubborn and ambitious go-getter of the gang.
  • Daisy Duck: The fabulous, high maintenance, but ditzy diva, whose temper matches that of her beau, Donald.
  • Goofy: The lovable, happy and clumsy goof, whose known for his friendly, yet extremely naive nature.
  • Pluto: Mickey's loyal and helpful pup, ready to please his owner and friends at anytime.

Guest StarsEdit

The six are often joined by other beloved classic characters such as:

  • Pete: A obese cat with often villainess intentions.
  • Chip n' Dale: A duo of quick thinking and quicker talking chipmunks.
  • Horace Horsecollar: An old pal of Mickey's whose kind , yet ego centric and always ready for action.
  • Clarabelle Cow: A good friend of Minnie and Daisy's, she's gossip with a love for drama.

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