The 13 Warlods are notorious and dangerous villains that have once been foiled, defeated and/or destroyed by the greatest heroes.


These particular villains are insane, and complete monsters at heart. They become members depend on their dark deeds. They don't, however, give any second thoughts about the ones the harmed physically and/or emotionally.

Members Edit

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The Thirteen Warlords of the Multiverse
Current Members
Xemnas Vanitas Bill Cipher HIM Yellow Diamond
Slappy the Dummy Queen Beryl Arachne Gorgon Harley Quinn The Lich
Hisoka Cell Zancrow
Former Members
Ursula Shredder Carnage Zeref Dragneel Asura
Lord Dominator Jafar Hades Sephiroth Millennium Earl
Dr. Eggman Aku

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