Topi are enemies in the video game Ice Climber. They find broken blocks and repair them with ice. In the American version, they look like small yetis, but in the Japanese version, they look like seals. This is due to the fact that Americans protested it was too violent to hit seals with hammers.


Topis reappear in Super Smash Bros. Melee. They can be found in the Adventure Mode walking around on the Icicle Mountain stage, where the player can kick them off the screen. They are pushing Freezies, an item from the Super Mario series which makes the ground slippery in the Game "Mario Bros." but in Melee it has no effect until you throw it on an enemy. They also appear as a collectable trophy. 

Description of the Topis TrophyEdit

"Topis debuted in the game Ice Climber, shuttling ice with which to repair in the floor. They were kept really busy, as Nana and Popo constantly cracked floors with single strikes of their ice hammers. Despite the monotony of their chilly work, these creatures never slacked off for an instant."

Against Sora's TeamEdit

The Topi's are very angry at the team for trespassing on their territory, and joined Maleficent to gain their revenge.

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