Triton is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. He only appears in the Hercules animated series.



Triton is a somewhat hyperactive and energetic youth who has a deep admiration for his cousin Hercules and he takes great pride in being his cousin more than being a God. When he was seemingly rejected by Hercules he showed great pain showing how much he holds his cousin in regard. He is also brave and determined but tends to get in over his head


Triton begs his father Poseidon into allowing him to go to Prometheus Academy with his cousin Hercules. Triton acts like Hercules did on his first day of school (he stands up to Adonis). Hercules is feeling embarrassed by his cousin and accidentily hurts his feelings, to get revenge on Hercules, Triton steals his dad's trident and uses it to humiliate Hercules and impress kids at school. While doing this he accidentliy unleashes a sea serpent, and it attacks the school. Hercules and Triton work together to stop the serpent, and Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite arrive to get the trident back. Poseidon wants to punish his son for stealing from him and almost letting a monster destroy the school, but Amphitrite says that people make mistakes and that's how we learn from it, thus both boys are off the hook.

On Sora's  TeamEdit

Triton soon become more like a member like Hercules and goes on missions that suit him. He enjoys changing into other forms in other worlds.

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