Vampelina Art

Vampelina is a vampire-witch introduced in the Magic Night Out line from Bratzillaz.

In her webisode debut, Midnight Beach, it was revealed she has the ability to see in the dark.


Vampelina has gray skin and noticeable fangs, due to being a vampire. Her eyes are bright yellow. Her hair is white with red and grey streaks throughout it in random strands. Her lipstick is red in color while her makeup is pale.

She wears a dark red cape and a deep blue dress with pearl lining and necklace. Over it is a white, wire-style skirt, matching her white kneesocks with red ribbons at the top. She wears black fancy-style maryjane shoes.



Vampelina has a pet bat named Batric. That also has the power to help in the dark.

On Sora's TeamEdit

Vampelina is very happy to be a member and meet other vampires like herself. She mostly loves Riku for his strong and brave nature, but also cares for Sora and Kairi's relationship.

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