Vidina is Lulu and Wakka's son, born during the events of Final Fantasy X-2. He is only seen at the game's last chapter, when the Gullwings return to Besaid for the final time.

In Final FatasyEdit


Around nine months before the events of Final Fantasy X-2, Lulu becomes pregnant with Wakka's child. At the time the game begins, the child she carries is "to be born at any time now". Lulu appears patient and excited about the event, but Wakka has trouble coming to terms with his new role as he never had parents himself. Beclem, who has been sent to train the Besaid Aurochs as members of the Youth League, clashes with Wakka on numerous occasions.

When Yuna, Rikku, and Paine return from the dock to the village on Besaid, they encounter Wakka on the road to the beach saying that he wanted to say farewell to Beclem, but they say he has gone. Rikku comments on Wakka's indecision on baby's name and he says he needs to think on it more as he wants to be a good father. Rikku talks about Kimahri's words to her and they come to conclusion that Wakka will stay Wakka no matter what, to what Wakka replies "Thank you" in Al Bhed, much to her surprise, and asks the group if they will stay until nightfall.

During the night, Wakka calls a meeting and introduces the village the newest member: his son. Datto comments on how they met him during the day and Jassu jokes about the meeting as "a brainstorming session" which would determine baby's name, but Wakka's disperses the idea and says he'll pick one soon. Yuna congratulates Wakka who says he must think of a good name soon as this is his first important decision as a parent. Besaid Aurochs players are enamored with Wakka's son and skip the blitzball season to help Wakka and Lulu look after him, letting the Gullwings play in their place.

If the player gets the secret ending where Tidus is resurrected, Vidina is seen on the beach with Lulu.

On Sora's TeamEdit

Vidina was baby-sat by Clawdeen Wolf and loved her company. He wished to be on Sora's journy but was to young but he became a member, but doesn't join.

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