Vilemon is an "Evil" Digimon, but this Vilemon is different, which is why he's a member and one of Sora's Digimon partners. Vile is the 12th Digimon partnered with Sora.



Unlike the other Vilemon on Maleficent's team, Vilemon is gentle, sweet, and care-free. This Vilemon only has one thing like other Vilemon have, and that's skillful fighting. On missions, he protects those he cares about, and fights those who harm them.


Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

Right after the Vilemon were sent to Sora's ship, the nice Vilemon tried to go straight to Sora to warn him, but after taking wrong directions, he was being attacked Riku, Goofy, and Donald. Right after the other Vilemon were attacking everyone else, the nice Vilemon saved Sora when another VIlemon tried to attack him from behind. When Sora saw the Vilemon attack the nice one, Sora's Digivice reacted and Digivolved to Pumpkinmon and use his Pumpkinmon Power on the Vilemon and absorbed their data. After the fight, and after he De-Digivolved, Vilemon was told by Sora that his Digivice made him Digivolve, which meant that Vilemon is destined to be Sora's partner. Once Vilemon thought about it, he accepted his fate to being Sora's partner.

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