The Wolfen is a class of spacefighter used by the Star Wolf Team. It was first used during the air battle with the Star Fox Team over Fichina (misidentified Fortuna at the time). The Wolfen was fast and maneuverable, armed with dual laser cannons for an impressive punch. However, the shield system was weaker than the one found on Arwing starfighters. The two were a close match in capabilities, so in the end the pilot's skill would more often than not determine who won a battle. Although it takes little damage from Charged Lasers and Smart Bombs, by performing a barrel roll the Wolfen could somehow cause an Arwing's locked-on Charged Laser or Bomb to stop following it.

In Star FoxEdit

The original Wolfens were called into action by Andross, during the Lylat Wars, for the purpose of preventing the Star Fox team from reaching Venom. Depending on the choice of flight path, the player will meet Star Wolf at Fichina and or Bolse. The Star Wolf team used the new improved Wolfen II in the defence of Andross' palace. After the Lylat Wars, these ships were dropped in favour of the orignal models.

By the time of the Aparoid uprising, the Wolfen starfighters were upgraded to a new level of superiority and once again faced the restored Arwings in defence of the Sargasso Hideout. The Star Wolf team disappeared after the events of the Sargasso Region conflict, but emerged surprisingly to temporarily join the Cornerians in their cause against the Aparoid attacks. The Wolfens were put to their full potential when assisting Star Fox in the breach of the Aparoid Homeworld, drawing enemy firepower away from the Arwing's to allow them to reach the Aparoid Queen. Star Wolf vanished after these events, yet Fox was positive of their survival.

New variations for a new threatEdit

Sometime following the Aparoid Invasion, each member of Star Wolf Team upgraded their Wolfen to suit their own preferences. All the members of the Star Wolf had their own ships as did the Star Fox Team.

Wolf kept the traditional Wolfen (Except in Japan, Wolf's Wolfen was called the Red Fang). Leon converted his into the Rainbow Delta, which gained a wave-beam function enabling continuous charged shots to be fired. Panther converted his into the Black Rose, which could fire a slow but powerful and long-range beam known as a Zapper.

Against Sora's TeamEdit

As Wolf is against the team, so is his army. And whenever the team is in the Gummi Ship, it always faces the Wolfen ships.

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